Board Advisory Services

The expectations placed on boards have never been greater.  Tack3 provides organizations with objective assessment and advisory regarding development, HR, performance, analysis and other critical areas.


  • Board Role Advisory: Establish a shared understanding of board and staff roles (talent/skill inventory/assessment, SWOT, needs analysis – Making the board a true strategic asset to management
  • Board Effectiveness and Engagement Advisory: Build a stronger and more productive partnership between the board and the chief executive – transition to a higher functioning board.
  • Board Governance Advisory: Examine existing board structures and practices to ensure that the board is working productively. Revitalizing the board’s structure for more meaningful participation.
  • Board Development and Recruitment: Board member recruitment advisory, Succession planning for officers and committee chairs
  • Fundraising Advisory: Preparing the Board for Fundraising
  • CEO/ED Advisory: Board level interaction regarding managing, developing, and measuring CEO performance

How Can We Help?

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We were delighted with Tack3’s partnership. A huge thank you for your professionalism and creativity.

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