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Tack3 is dedicated to providing your organization the tools necessary to make the critical and unique decisions faced by for profits and non-profits every day. With so many people and businesses attempting “to do more with less,” it is as important as ever to establish your mission as a worthy endeavor.  Through our 360° approach, Tack3 offers individualized consulting and analytical services aimed at creating a comprehensive development strategy that will allow your organization to prosper.  From comprehensive board development to grant writing, our dedicated and proven consultants will work seamlessly with your stakeholders to accomplish your goals no matter the complexity. The services listed below are a sample of our offerings.

  • Philanthropic and Fundraising services including: Feasibility Studies, Capital Campaign Management, Major Gifts Efforts, Annual Appeal Solicitations, and Grant Writing.
  • Development Services including: Interim Development Staff, Development Office Assessments, Staff Trainings both individual and group, Communications Evaluation, and Donor Database Systems.
  • Strategic Services to include: Comprehensive Board Development, Funding Diversification, Analytics, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Volunteer Management

Capital Campaign Advisory and Management

  1. Capital Campaign Services
  2. Develop Case for Support / The Need
  3. Capital Campaign Feasibility Studies
  4. Capital Campaign Implementation
  5. Develop Committee Structure
  6. Assist in “Top Gifts” solicitations
  7. Materials development
    • Brochures
    • Solicitation Packets/Letters

Funding Strategy Development

  1. Assess funding structure
    • Structure a balance between public/private funds
    • Exploration of diversifying income, i.e. fee for service, inkind, social innovation, etc.
  2. Revenue enhancement strategy
  3. Revenue Cycle Management Assessment

Grant Advisory

  1. Grant Assistance
    • Develop Grants calendar/solicitation strategy
    • Tie into performance & outcomes
  2. Grant development/writing
  3. Grant review prior to submission
  4. Grant Management Assistance – Public Grants
    • Develop appropriate billing/reimbursement practices
    • Focus on grantee/grantor relationship
    • Track results/measurements required for funding

Solicitation and Solicitation Training

Partner to enhance the ability of your organization to solicit support. Interest research point: Top 3 fears according to a recent study: public speaking, the dentist, and asking for money. While we can not help with the extraction, we can help you raise funds!

Can be offered as both an individual or group service in order to coach/mentor individuals on asking for support for their non-profit.

Philanthropic Management

  1. Designing a comprehensive fund development program using diverse solicitation strategies from diverse sources
  2. Building a donor-centered organization and a culture of philanthropy
  3. Designing a comprehensive relationship-building program to produce donor loyalty
  4. Process Advisory
    • Defining roles in fund development (Handout: Key Roles in Fund Development)
    • Board, staff, and volunteer training in fund development
    • Designing and facilitating the fund development process
    • Defining measures for relationship building and fundraising
  5. Securing gifts for core program/annual operating support and capital initiatives
  6. Personal face-to-face solicitation for major gifts
  7. Development audit and feasibility studies
  8. Donor-centered communications including case for support, donor newsletters, website, and other collateral materials
  9. Assess and/or develop donor database systems
    • Many non-profits struggle with donor/prospect database management
      • Our services can improve database management on several levels
        • What to track
        • Who to track
        • Various reporting for prospecting/stewardship
        • Segmentation of databases

Community Development

  • Volunteer experience consulting: 75% of volunteers to an organization end up making a monetary donation to it
    • A robust volunteer program will allow a non-profit to engage stakeholders, potential donors as well as provide services at little to no cost
    • Corporate Philanthropy is largely based around employee engagement with non-profit organizations.
      • Developing a volunteer program allows a non-profit to provide volunteer opportunities to corporate prospects thus creating potential corporate donors.
  • Volunteer Program Assessments and Management
    • Many non-profits cannot/do not properly manage volunteer programs resulting in:
      • More work for the non-profit
      • A poor experience for the volunteer
      • Frustrated employees
  • Outreach – I am sure how this helps the non-profit world but  for the “for-profit” side
    • Developing a Volunteer program will result in engaged and encourages employees
    • PR opportunities
    • Cause marketing – mutually beneficial relationships with non-profits wherein the business gets the exposure while the non-profit receives in-kind services or even funding

How Can We Help?

To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results, please contact us.

The approach has been completely collaborative.

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