Organizational Consulting Services

Our consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical organizational issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, operations, technology, transformation, across all industries and geographies. We bring a deep, functional expertise, bound by holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries any organization.

Program Development

When developing a new program to meet the needs of the community or population your organization serves, it is important to carefully consider several key elements before applying for funding, or before committing organizational resources.  We can help you with the critical aspects of program design and implementation including

  • Community based, participatory needs assessment
  • Assessment of feasibility
  • Funding development
  • Fidelity assessment

Program evaluation

We operate in an age of greater accountability and donor sophistication.  The process of program evaluation allows an organization to continuously refine its approach to its delivery of services to the community, while demonstrating value to current and future donors and funding agencies.  A high quality program evaluation requires a clear plan and the translation of global goals to concrete outcomes, and the measurement of not just outcomes, but process as well.  A good evaluation does not just tell us if a program works, but also tells us a story about why it works and how it impacts consumers. The process of evaluation should ideally happen concurrent with program development and implementation and includes the following processes.

  • Translating global goal to specific, measurable outcomes
  • Development of data collection instruments and data tracking
  • Qualitative assessment of process and community impact
  • Cost benefit & cost effectiveness assessment
  • Final data analysis and reporting

M&A Strategy

Many organizations stagnate, and in the hyper competitive world of fundraising, the inability to demonstrate growth or take advantage of economies of scale serve as a real disadvantage when approaching donors and foundation. One method of propelling growth or is through merger with or acquisition of other strategic partners.  Is your board and organization prepared for the process?  How do you know if you have found a good partner?  What are the financial advantages and disadvantages?  We can assist you with the following:

  • Collaboration readiness assessment
  • Developing  collaboration strategy
  • M&A Planning
  • M&A Implementation

Performance Consulting

To achieve strategic results through the optimization of workplace performance in support of organizational goals. The process uses a systematic approach to analyzing and diagnoses performance problems, and then recommends solutions–both training and non-training–to resolve the diagnosed root causes of performance problems.  We can assist you with following aspects of organizational performance:

  • Organizational Diagnostic
  • Performance management
  • Organization assessments
  • Performance measurement
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Community impact assessment
  • Outcome analysis and optimization
  • Process Optimization

Organizational change

  •     Champion change
  •     Creating the Business Case for Change
  •     Behavioral change, Process development, Business engagement, Communications
  •     Leading the Change Process: Defining, Impacting, Responding, Managing
  •     Evaluating alliances, collaborations and networks
  •     Controls and measures

How Can We Help?

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