People and Process

Tack3 helps clients drive performance and create value through talent. From strategy through to implementation, we work with clients to help them forecast their talent needs, engage and reward employees, assess talent, and develop skills. All the way working to create value and competitive advantage.


  • Executive Succession & Interim Executive Assistance
  • Cultural: Culture is an internal baseline and it communicates the kind of person that will thrive most in your organization. It must be designed with purpose in order to be of benefit to your organization.
  • Engagement: The most crucial balancing act within an organization is that of engagement (finding the best way to achieve organizational goals via attempting to achieve individual goals of employees).
  • HR/People related Process Optimization
  • Recruitment: We have a clear understanding of business strategy and its implication for talent. We will work with you to ensure alignment of your talent acquisition strategy with your business strategy.
  • Workforce planning
  • Branding
  • Strategy: Quantitative and Qualitative Research, Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys, Compensation Analysis, Benchmarking, etc.

How Can We Help?

To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results, please contact us.

The approach has been completely collaborative.

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